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Split Rings versus Flat Split Rings

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basic-split-ring.pngThe common key ring we are all familiar with is technically referred to as a split ring. With a little flexing, its spring like form allows you to add, connect or remove keys and other objects. Split key rings are light, practical, functional and pervasive. They are not going away anytime soon.


The flat split ring is a variant with a lower edge profile and more interior fill.  The opening or end of the ring tends to be better machined with a smoother transition and the finishes are superior to standard split rings. This makes them less likely to catch or snag on clothing or pockets, while improving the overall feel immensely.

We use stainless steel flat split rings whenever we have the option. Our simple Simple Nickel Keyring™ includes three flat split rings, while our Simple Stainless Steel Keyring™ includes three polished flat split rings.


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